Company Profile

Management Philosophy

We’re helping create a safe, convenient and aesthetically transportation network by offering imaginative and creative consulting services.

Message from the President

Yukihiro Yamada

Since being established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanshin Expressway Company Limited in April 2009, Hanshin Expressway R&D Company Limited has assisted in project management as a member of the Hanshin Expressway Group by offering consulting services in areas ranging from roadbed surveying and planning to design, project cost estimation, construction management, and information management.

Over the last 50 years, the Hanshin Expressway has played a major role as transportation infrastructure tasked with supporting the Kansai region's life style and economy. During that time, the social environment in which we live has changed dramatically. Even as we are able to draw on more advanced technologies to aid in road construction, maintenance, and repair and to provide more advanced road and traffic information, we must also grapple with more complex environmental issues and adopt a more aggressive approach to saving resources and energy.

We are working to accommodate these changes, to refine our technologies, and to harness technological capabilities rooted in the advanced expertise and practical experience that we have accumulated so that we can better provide a transportation network that is safe, secure, and pleasant to use. Guiding us in this effort is our management philosophy of "offering imaginative and creative consulting services."

As we look toward the next generation, we remain committed to offering high-quality technological services so that we can live up to our customers' trust and serve as a reliable technology partner. In doing so, we will move beyond elemental technologies by enhancing and extending a comprehensive suite of technological capabilities that allows us to get to the essence of issues and lead the way to their resolution.

Always moving forward, we continue to welcome your guidance and support.

Yasuyuki Sakashita
Representative Director