Business Overview

Information system management

In the information management field, we administer a variety of systems, including maintenance information management systems that facilitate central management of asset, inspection, and repair data for the Hanshin Expressway as well as DASH, a system for searching technical standards and other resources. By making use of our expertise in these areas, we provide unique business improvement systems, including by helping clients develop information systems that manage roads properly and by examining how systems can be streamlined, for example through the consolidation of information systems.

System development

  • Planning and proposals based on user needs, development, and expertise
  • System design taking into account flexibility and expandability
  • Development of systems featuring safety, peace of mind, and convenience

System management

System administration
  • Server and network monitoring
Response to system interruptions
  • Investigation of interruption cause and recovery
  • Study and implementation of measures to prevent interruptions, etc
Technical support for performance improvements
  • Security measures
  • Implementation of optimized environments for operating systems and applications

Information management

Administration of operational support system data
  • Asset, inspection, and repair data management
  • Plan data management
  • Company information portal websites
  • Websites for customers
User support
  • System user training (e-learning)
  • Help desk implementation

Principal experience of the Hanshin Expressway Group

Operational support systems

  • Comprehensive information systems
  • Comprehensive disaster prevention systems
  • Confidential information compartmentalization and management systems
  • Maintenance information management systems
  • Facility access management systems
  • Technical information browsing and search systems
  • Accounting information systems

Company information portals

Websites for customers

  • Hanshin Expressway fee and route search
  • Go by Hanshin Expressway!
  • Technical capabilities