Business Overview

Design and construction management

In the road structure maintenance and management field, we offer planning and design services for the maintenance, repair, and reinforcement of road structures in an effort to make the Hanshin Expressway a safe, convenient asset that motorists can use with peace of mind.
Because damage to road structures varies greatly with the number of years of service and the conditions of use, and because a wide range of repair and reinforcement technologies and materials are available, we select repair techniques and materials based on a consideration of the life cycle cost (LCC) so that we can propose optimal designs.


Improvement and repair design
  • Road structure design
  • Road facility design
  • Electrical equipment design
  • Machinery and equipment design
  • Earthquake resistance diagnostics
  • Drainage planning
  • Study of construction methods
Safety measures
  • Creation of documentation outlining improvements to road signage
Study of near effect
  • Analysis of the effects of nearby construction
Revision of design standards
  • Creation of substructure documentation to facilitate revisions to design standards


Creation of documentation for integrated substructures
  • Creation and examination of documentation related to construction integration

Construction management
  • Quality control
  • Final quality management
  • Process management
Safety management
  • Administration of qualification and certification testing for construction site supervisors
  • Classes on practical skills related to security regulations