Business Overview

Since the opening of a 2.3-kilometer section of the Loop Route from Tosabori to Minatomachi in 1964, the Hanshin Expressway has been steadily expanded to form an ever-larger network. Today, some 740,000 vehicles per day use 259.1 kilometers of the Expressway in Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto Prefectures, and the Expressway has come to play a crucial role in the development of the Kansai region’s way of life and economic vitality as a key transportation artery.

Over time, the environment in which the Hanshin Expressway is operated have undergone a number of dramatic changes. From a road maintenance management standpoint, wear and deterioration of the highway’s structural components has led to an increase in the number of repairs performed, and the increasingly diverse range of reinforcement technologies and materials reflects the need for more advanced design technologies in the future. From a customer service standpoint, changes include higher vehicle performance, the development of new information and communications technologies, more strategic environmental protection initiatives, and the increasingly important role that urban logistics has come to play in highway operation. To address these challenges going forward, we will work toward the diversification of services that make use of IT and other technologies.

Hanshin Expressway R&D Company Limited, a member of the Hanshin Expressway Group, was established in April 2009 as a consulting company whose operations range from highway and planning to design, cost estimation, construction management, and information management.